One thing we can be thankful for is that this pandemonium hit after the Internet got built. Things would be a lot different, and likely a lot worse, these days without Internet.

My closest childhood friend passed away about two hours ago from Covid-19. I’d known him since we were in grade school together. He encouraged me to come to our 50th HS reunion and stayed in touch until recently. We got the news from his son on FB. He was a great guy. RIP Phil.

Something terrific has happened on Twitter an hour ago!! Bob Dylan expressed gratitude to his fans, then posted a 17 mins long previously unreleased song about the JFK assassination!

Murder Most Foul

I think this must be like a Golden Age for the dogs in our neighborhood. Their families have been around much more than usual, like a super long holiday weekend. And they’ve been taking the most great loooong walks of all time! What brought these great changes on anyway? 🐕

“Life isn’t about finding yourself … or finding anything! Life is about creating yourself.”

Bob Dylan 🎶

Bob Dylan has a calming influence for me, because the truth is calming.

My wife saw a large bunny in our yard this morning, our first of the year. I hope to see one soon, as well as some Robins. Mr & Mrs Cardinal have been active in our yard, probably all winter long. 🐰

Surely getting that 🐘 elephant 🐘 in the room totally out of the room would be a valid meditative practice; one that I would benefit from!

Dave Winer has started calling it CV, but that’s no good either.

Regardless of how you spell it, I want that idea out of my mind. Just like in Dec 2019 when I was in Thailand and had never even heard of that idea. That’s what I want.

The word I’m most sick and tired of seeing: Coronavirus.

I’d like to take a vacation from that word.

I’d like to isolate myself from that word; to shelter at home away from that word.

Clients Come First: my standard for decades. I have filed my own tax return late at times to finish client returns on time. But I just checked a listing of essential businesses (for shelter in place) & discovered tax preparation is NOT an essential business! Priority stress.

Mnuchin wants to get the money into the hands of the public fast. So use the IRS to do that, right? Hah! He has no idea how hobbled the IRS is with many yrs of budget cuts. And are there still a lot of COBOL programmers to do the work? I’m guessing not, but what do I know? $ 💸

We’re getting a thick downpour of snow here in central Illinois. It’s piling up, but the temp is right at 32 deg F, so it might not last long. 🌨

Easiest tax season ever. The governor has declared we should all shelter in place & I’ve been doing my tax work from home for many years. So I can concentrate on my work with few distractions. On top of that, the 4/15 deadline has been moved to 7/15. Easy. 🖥 🖨 📻 🎶

My doc said I need to reduce stress in my life for my own health.

New strategy for reducing stress:

Anyone who brings me joy with their postings:
Continue to Follow.

Sort of like that unclutter strategy.

🌅 🎶 🐘 🌷 📖 😃 ❤ 🌈

I noticed Dr. Deborah Birx in these regular White House virus briefings. I did some reading & discovered she is an HIV expert who once flew from Africa to sit outside a government official’s home for almost a week, so she could meet with him on something urgent. Wow!!

I have my first paid subscription on the web. I paid $1.82 for six months behind the pay wall on the Chicago Tribune. The second way I earned regular income in my life, after mowing lawns, was delivering the Tribune in the morning. They had a strong article that drew me in.

There are now 32 cases of coronavirus in Illinois, all in Northern IL, none fatal. Our county in Central IL has had no cases, but has now performed its first test for the virus. Result: negative. The decision has been made to proceed with the usual St Patrick’s Day parade.

Dave had an epiphany. I appreciate his coming to a special understanding about politics by way of his experience with a musical community. That could happen with Dylan too. 🎶 🎸
Love & acceptance.

My neurologist told me I’m not allowed to drive a car for the next 6 mos. If no seizures during that time, I’ll be able to drive again. If things go well, I may be able to get off the daily medication after 1.5 yrs. Before, being on it the rest of my life was likely. So progress.

My bro was here 2 wks, 30’s-40’s temp & dry the whole time. Yesterday, with him back in CA, it snowed steadily all day long, about freezing temp so not sticking on the driveway. But temp dropped to 10 overnite & we got a crust of snow everywhere. So gorgeous! See how lucky I am?!