A Way Into Dylan -

Some people are not much into Bob Dylan or his music. Others are very deep into Dylan. Some are not sure and would like an easy way to sample what his music has to offer. This post is for that last category of people. It is a link to an outstanding website in the UK, which could serve as a launch site for hundreds of hours of exploration of Bob’s music. 🎶

It is mainly a compilation of Dylan covers, that is, performances of Bob’s songs by folks other than Bob. The nice thing about Bob covers is that one can get a huge variety of different singers and bands. Because of the legend & inspiration of Dylan, cover performers are often delivering the very best performance they can muster and it is likely it is with the most outstanding song they will ever perform, perhaps a song that inspires them more than any other material they ever work with and so they deliver a performance better than in much of their work.

One person has compiled over 9,000 Dylan covers, so it is very helpful to link to a page like this that points to some of the best of them. You can start just about anywhere and there’s a decent chance you’ll hit a winner.

If you’re at a complete loss, I’ll give you one suggestion. It is the performance of Pressing On that they have selected. This is not a very well known song by Bob, but it is my favorite from his Christian period, which covers three of his official albums. It is an incredibly inspired performance by a gospel choir with a lead vocalist named Regina McCrary. Your chance of just stumbling onto this performance by just poking around on YouTube is very unlikely. I think you’ll like it.

I found there is a nice bonus to this one. When I finished watching.it, YouTube cued up as the next song a performance of the same song by Dylan and his band in a legendary concert in April 1980 in Toronto. With this one you get to hear his piano playing, inspired singing and his excellent band and singers. So two for the price of one! 🎶

That’s just one suggestion, but the UK website has dozens of other performances that are also outstanding. One could spend weeks using this one web page to launch hours of enjoyable music.

Try it and enjoy! Ron. 🎹

Vonnegut's Career: All About New Tech -

“What’s really on my mind is new technologies all the time and what they’re doing. And what I say about the Computer Age is they’re just trying to knock everybody down to minimum wage, or they wouldn’t be investing all the money in these damn things, and of course everybody has to buy a computer now, the way they all had to buy a TV set and inviting you to dig your own grave, you know. And I’ve said too, it used to be that a man or person who got into some sort of trouble and lost a job, we used to say he had his head handed to him on a platter, well now people are getting their heads handed to them with tweezers, with microchips.”

Kurt Vonnegut on 5/26/97 at the very end of a CSPAN video.

MLB All-Star game last night. Today I found out that home field advantage for the World Series is no longer determined by the winner of that “game.” Now it will be determined by the team records; much more fair! So this yawner was totally pointless, not a real game at all!

Some of these bootleggers, they make pretty good stuff

Bob Dylan:
“Some of these bootleggers, they make pretty good stuff
Plenty of places to hide things here if you wanna hide ‘em bad enough.”
Lyrics from “Sugar Baby,” the closing song on Love and Theft.

I Can’t Leave Her Behind - 84,000 views on YouTube in three weeks
Originally recorded by D.A. Pennebaker for Eat the Document
at North British Station Hotel (now the Millennium Hotel) in Glasgow, Scotland on 18 May 1966,
Two days after the release of Blonde on Blonde.
The words to this song were probably improvised on the spot.

Do You Want a Successful Blog?

Advice about blogging recently began to appear on my Google newsfeed. Today a long article detailing 41 Incredible Benefits of Blogging appeared. Surely this is the definitive breakdown of the benefits of blogging! At the end of this very long article, it says Original Article Date: November 30, 2019/Updated June 1, 2021.

So this has been around for 18 months! It must be a very well known blogging business. So where is it from?


I had not heard about them. They are here.

They will help you set up a WordPress website and blog in minutes. Their fees are listed here. 7 days free trial.

Clearly they have put a lot of work into the system they’re offering. I’m not looking for a way to make money with my blog. So I’m not the sort of blogger they want to help. But if you are, there’s a very extensive website there for you to explore.

If you find they are offering a useful system, let us know your experience with it.

Woz got the right start in electronics by becoming a ham at the age of 10 years old. Now he fully supports the Right to Repair movement & explains why in this video. I still have many 50 year old radios & there are many hams who can still repair them. 📻

More Nina Simone published on YouTube on 2 July 2021. Decades ago a client told me about this recording of Just Like a Woman but I never heard it until just now. Now you don’t have to wait at all. Click and enjoy! 🎶

My uncle taught me how to whistle (VERY) loudly by blowing with my two forefingers inside my mouth. If I ever get trapped in a collapsed building, if I am conscious & can get my fingers to my mouth, I will be the first one found. I think this skill should be taught to all people!

Most Horrifying Event in My Lifetime

6 August 1945.


I had been alive for only thirty-four days.

It has hung over my entire life as the dreadful elephant in the room that will never go away.

About Bob Dylan: “When you’re working with somebody who’s as dynamically inspirational as Bob was, it’s not hard. You never feel tired and he never let us down, even when he was sick. He gave 130% every night, I’ve never seen anything like that.” - Billy Cross

I stumbled onto a huge corner of the Internet. Apparently many folks have decided to make money by reviewing Blinkist and its variations. There must be big affiliate links paid on this. Does anyone here use Blinkist and have any advice? Useful app or just a money-making craze?

I watched DHH appear on The Claman Countdown just before the closing bell today. Liz basically called him a drama queen. He laughed & agreed. Then talked about the Epic vs Apple case, which he says is turning out NOT to be a slam dunk for Apple. Epic has presented a good case.

Here’s an interesting article about a woman who has been following a life path similar to my own: a passion for great orchestral music, followed by work as an income tax preparer, a great job with very stable income and fun work for smart people.