I highly recommend folks should read this article. It’s about one of the US presidential candidates and it’s also about the writer, who wrote a great piece. It’s also about a terrible condition that makes a lot of people suffer, especially young kids. Your feedback?

Perfect weather this morning in Kanchanaburi. The birds agree. A huge variety of bird calls coming from all directions, sounds you don’t hear in the US, ‘cause we don’t have these birds back home. So much to see, but so much to hear too!!

Today we got up early and drove ten hours to Kanchanaburi, then another hour+ wandering around the city looking for our hotel. We ended up in a traffic jam of people arriving in town for a big festival centered around the famous bridge over the River Kwai, my third time here.

Today I got the best haircut of my long life at the new Destiny Barber shop in Lampang,Thailand. The barber was super expert & did a fantastic job! Not a single hair got down my neck to make me itch. So good that I paid double his fee, a huge bargain even at that price!

A pastime is an activity that you do to pass the time. When I was a kid, baseball was clearly the national pastime in the US. Now I’d say it has become looking at a smart phone, at least for younger people. In Thailand, without question, the national pastime is eating. 🇹🇭

Learning About Thailand

A Guiding Principle for Myself

If I begin to feel superior to these so-called “simple, happy people” … Stop! Look! Realize these people speak fluent Thai, even read that special script, and I don’t!!

Don’t ever forget or minimize that.


Buddha in temple in Phrayao, Thailand

Being in Thailand

Guiding Principle

If you begin to feel superior to these simple, happy people, stop and look around you. Realize all these people speak fluent Thai, even read that strange script, and you don’t!

Don’t ever forget that.


Warriors lead pretty much all the way & beat Portland by nine points. They had a harder time with them last year in the playoffs! This year none of the Warrior players from the playoffs last year played in the game. None, nada! Double double for Eric Paschall. Go Steve Kerr!

Google has figured out where we are. I asked it. “What time is it in California?” and it told me, 1:12 AM, Tuesday November 5, 2562 BE (PST) time in California USA.

It supplied the BE date completely on its own.

Exciting Times in Lampang 🇹🇭

What a fun afternoon & early evening we had in Lampang, Thailand. We started at the modern Central Plaza, where Paula & her sister did a bunch of banking, while my brother and I both had two scoops of delicious Swenson’s ice cream. Then we shopped for some groceries at Tops Market.

We headed back to the car for a short drive to downtown Lampang for the weekly Saturday night street market. We’ve been there many times, but I was always focused on what the vendors were selling. This time, before we got there Paula had pointed out that many of the buildings down the street where the market is held are a gorgeous Portuguese style of wooden buildings. So when we got there I actually looked at the buildings for a change & then started taking a LOT of pictures. Of course, she was right. See some of the pictures at the link I provided above.

We walked all the way to the Rachada Bridge, then part way out on the bridge to watch the swallows flying about during the sunset. During the walk back we stopped to look at some amazing carved water buffalo horns that my brother had spotted before we reached the bridge. This was amazing detailed art work that had been produced by an 80 year old man, near the end of his life. When my brother first told us about it, I joked that maybe it cost 100 baht. My brother said surely not, as it had certainly been produced over dozens of hours of detailed etching. So then I guessed it might be 2,000 baht. Once I saw it, I asked the nice lady what the selling price was. It was 1,500 baht (about 50 USD). That was for two large decorated horns, plus two small horns that had been carved into the shape of realistic looking birds. I would have bought them immediately, except my wife didn’t love them. And on reflection, I wasn’t sure it would be to legal to take them out of Thailand. The seller was very gracious and let me take a picture of them and we proceeded along the way, excited about having witnessed such beautiful artwork.

Backing up a bit, I will mention that it was very hard finding parking, because so many people had come for the market. We were lucky to finally grab a parking spot just past the corner where perhaps the favorite restaurant of the locals is located. So as we nearly got back to our car, we instead went across the street and entered Aroy One Baht Restaurant for dinner. I had eaten there myself at least twice and I really wanted my brother to experience this amazing place!

The restaurant is in a lovely wood building, which is nearly always full of people eating. We were immediately pointed to the dining area upstairs and after we climbed the flight of stairs, we were quickly directed to an empty table in the corner by an open window. The table actually consisted of three sewing machine tables lined up together, each one still having its iron treadle attached at the bottom. We looked over the large menu (over ten pages) with color pictures of each dish. My brother and I looked over the English edition of the menu and my wife and her sister looked over the Thai version. Most of the entrees were 40 or 50 baht each, and some around 25 baht, that is, all under $1 to a bit over $1. This is a good time to mention that Aroy in the name of the place means “yummy” and the One Baht in the name refers to the price for an order of rice. Of course this pricing encourages people to order a variety of dishes, as they are so affordable.

We ordered 8-10 entrees for the four of us and the bill for the dinner came to $12, no tip required, or even expected. It would have been $10, but I couldn’t resist ordering a Chang Beer, the only beer I’ve ever really liked. It turned out to be one of their large bottles, so I didn’t even try to drink it all. The $12 tab reminded me of the first time I took the family to this place. I had no idea about the reputation for affordable pricing, so I was quite shocked when the bill for that meal arrived. It almost made me feel guilty for taking advantage of these people. Almost.

Maybe you’re wondering whether I bought anything at the street market. I did indeed. An older man was selling one variety of plant, which folks were calling a butterfly plant. It’s leaves look exactly like a butterfly. He had a simple written sign that said they were 30 baht each. Each one was planted in a tiny black plastic pot of dirt, with a single thin stalk going up a foot or two to a bunch of these amazing butterfly leaves. I spotted an unusually nice one and bought it immediately. Our plant has nine of the butterfly leaves on it. The next morning I discovered its true identity on the Internet, Christia obcordata, Butterfly plant or Swallowtail, native to Southeast Asia and Brazil, an ornamental, herbaceous and perennial plant.

What an exciting night it was!

On Friday Dave Winer posted some well considered thoughts about Facebook and civility. I think Dave has gotten more flexible in his thinking and I like that.

Woke up this morn & then my brother & I watched the Niners win their 8th game of the season on Amazon Prime. It’s the first time in six trips that I’ve been able to watch an NFL game live from Thailand. Really cool that it was the Niners. Okay wi-fi here, so it was all good vid.

Halloween is not a holiday here in Thailand, having never been ruled by a western culture. Had they known that ghosts are involved, it might have been a popular idea among the people. So I’m not expecting to see a pumpkin & Paula says no kids will be coming to our door. 🎃

A sports reporter researched when the Warriors have lost three games in a row (rare) as though it might be all over for Dubs. In their third game, they easily won the first three quarters & the game by 11 points. Green had a triple double. Don’t dismiss Kerr, dummies!

Using Chromebooks in Thailand 🇹🇭

This is my 6th trip to Thailand in the last six years and I’ve used a Chromebook for all my computer needs on all these trips, each lasting 1-3 months. This time I have posted to and read micro.blog, posted to my Dave Winer 1999 blog, done gmail activities, tracked all my projects using five different pages in Dropbox Paper, searched for, stored & edited images in Dropbox for use in my 1999 blog, listened to music and watched YouTube videos and followed the Niners 7th win by watching the CBS play-by-play text broadcast of the game.

The only thing I can’t do is QuickBooks, but I have no need or desire to do client work while I’m traveling in Asia.

What a joy it has been to use my Chromebook the last several days. These machines have delivered tremendous value to me in all this travel.

All the plants in the yard have grown a lot since we were last here three years ago. Not too surprising, with jungle nearby.

Current Weather Report:

At our home in IL - 50F & cloudy.

At our Thai home near Lampang -
84F and sunny 🌞 with a cool breeze.

Thailand Creates Its Own Path 🇹🇭

We spent 10 hrs today driving from Bangkok to the family home in the North. About halfway there, about the time we crossed over into Northern Thailand, I had some freeing ideas.

It occurred to me that probably none of the hard working people here in the North would be impacted in any way by the actions of the crazy US politicians. These people just continue with their productive lives every day, just as they have been doing for decades/centuries.

One of the Thai people’s greatest sources of pride is the fact that Siam/Thailand was never ever colonized by any European power. They are the only people in Southeast Asia with that distinction! I admire them.